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How it all started….

It began as as a hobby – Ribbons and Sashes by Di on Facebook six or so years ago and it has now become a full-time business.

Back in 2014 I began creating rosettes and ribbons for Sydney cat shows. I noticed that there didn’t seem to be anyone catering for speciality awards. Many show awards looked the same and didn’t seem to have any real creativity, personality or individuality.

As an Exhibitor, Breeder and Show Official I can honestly say that when you’ve worked hard for weeks preparing your furry friends for that big show and finally win an award, you want it to stand out and reflect all the effort you’ve put in to get there.

Judges Special Awards

I create unique rosettes, ribbons and awards with style and flair. I make awards for shows in Australia and overseas, including specialty Judges Choice rosettes that have been presented in the USA, China, Korea, France and South Africa.

Show Awards

I have supplied rosettes and ribbons for shows held by the following organisations: CATS NSW, The Russian Cat Council of Australia Inc., Siamese Cat Society, Highlands Cat Club, Birman Cat Club of Australia, Maclean Show Society, Feline Association of South Australia, Cool Country Cat Club, Royal Thai Cat Club, New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. and the Queensland Feline Association.

Every rosette, ribbon and award is hand-made using your personal selection of colours and designs and sent to you as near as is practicable to your show date.

Click here to see a recent YouTube video of some of my work 

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